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Design sprint

Making space for good ideas to come to life is a challenge. Getting the right people together, focusing on what matters, creating the right environment are all ingredients to driving innovation forward.


The outcome to expect

Together we'll have gone from initial thoughts, challenges, to concept, to early prototype, to customer feedback - all in one week. You will have applied a new method of working. You will have made space for innovation.

What we will do

Intensive Marketing will facilitate a design sprint. This is a hands on, week long, experimental innovation workshop. Invented and refined by Google Ventures, this is a tried and trusted approach to getting ideas built and tested.

The impact to you

Your opportunities (and challenges) will go from thoughts into a concept that is tested with customers. You'll have a team that believes in the concept. You'll have something you can choose whether to invest in. You will have acted differently.

Interested in Design sprint?
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